Getting iPhone Games Downloads to Play On the Go

 One of the more advanced features that the iPhone has over the more traditional iPods is the addition of a touch screen user interface. That way, you can use the whole face of the iPhone as your controls, and the keyboard and keypad is onscreen as well. This has added a new dimension to the whole iPod experience, and it has taken games on the iPod to a whole new level.

Where it used to be that Windows and Palm OS dominated the touch screen games market, and they had games on those platforms as well. Not just any games, but big hits from some of the top developers around. Now those games are being released on the iPhone platform, so if you want to play a game that's on your friend's PDA, you can pretty much find an equivalent for your iPhone. Finding classic favorites like Zuma, a game where you shoot balls using a stone frog, is easy, since these games now have iPhone versions.

Downloading full games versus using the browser

The safari browser on iPhones and iPod Touch units is a cool tool in its own right. You can surf the net on this software, and not only that, you can also use the safari play games using the browser's java engine. There are a lot of good quality java games out, all you have to do is surf over to the right website. But then again, it only works when you have WLAN access at the ready, if not, then no games for you. 

You should consider downloading games onto the iPhone itself because if you don't spend a lot of time online on your iPhone, you won't be able toplay games as well. You'll want to install games on your iPhone instead when there isn't a WLAN access point nearby, since you'll be able to play games as long as the battery holds up if you install games.

Download Sites for iPhone Games

Of course, you can always download from top iPhone download sites, and not just games specialists. Along with games, you can also download music and video, but then if games are your focus, there are iPhone games sites that specialize only in games, both online and downloading. Since games for the iPhone are mostly done by third-party developers, you can visit their websites to check out what they have to offer for you. Along with download sites and developer websites, you can also see iPhone owner forums so that you can check out what they have to say about games, and they also might have game demo downloads.

There are also games on iPhone owner forums that are not available anwhere else. There are emulator programs for the iPhone by enthusiasts themselves, so that you can play classic titles for different classic gaming consoles, right on your iPhone's screen. 

The directional and control buttons are built onto the touch screen interface itself so it might take some getting used to compared to traditional joystick controls and D-pads. Since these emulators are usually made by talented owners themselves, the program might be a bit buggy, but then, that's what subsequent installs are for, and there's no replacement for playing classic games that you grew up playing.


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